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Friday 3rd April


At the end of another week, we have some revision questions and activities to see how much you can remember and to see if you can apply what you have learnt to solve some problems.

There are three sheets today: Developing, Expected and Greater Depth.  There is no need to do all three, but select the one you think you can manage. 


I have also put on an Easter Mystery pack - The Mystery of the Contaminated Chocolate!  This is saved as a PDF that can be downloaded.  You can solve the clues on paper and keep a note of each answer to solve the mystery.  But, beware!  The answers are included at the bottom of the document so, no cheating, only look at the answers at the end to see if you are correct.  This is a voluntary exercise (you don't have to do it) and you could save it for over the Easter holidays!



Good morning everyone!


I hope you are all well;-)  This is the last day of your homework before the Easter break, so I thought a little bit of fun would be appreciated.

Today you will practise your editing and proofreading skills with these fun Easter themed worksheets focusing on the mistakes that Mr Whoops has made with his sentences.

Perfect for consolidating the skills of independent checking, improving and redrafting, you can correct and rewrite each sentence which contains a range of spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. If you straggle with editing the whole sentence, try to recognise and correct some words. Good luck!


Parents please note that I am preparing home study tasks from my own home and have limited IT facilities. Today's work is taken from a PDF file and I have prepared a Word document for the answers. Thank you for your understanding.

Mr Whoops' sentences