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Good morning, laugh

Christmas Card Craft!

Did you adult manage to pick up your activity pack from school yesterday? If so, look inside your pack to find blue rectangular card, 3 x white Doves and a star. 


Look at the picture of the card below carefully and see if you can make it yourself. 

"Joy To The World" By Listener Kids

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I have supplied a selection of tasks to complete - if you picked up your child's pack from school yesterday then it should all be in there or something similar. 


I have uploaded some Symmetry Tasks, Code Breaking and Christmas Co-ordinates to complete. I have also uploaded a video to support your knowledge of co-ordinates. 


You can choose to complete either task or both; I'm sure you would loved to be kept busy, plus, I'm sure you'd love the challenge. 


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Here is another challenge - Can you write your very own Acrostic Poem? 

I have uploaded some template Acrostic poems but I thought you might like to make your own from scratch while drawing a decorating a boarder. 


Maybe you could write a few poems to send off in Christmas cards to your aunts, uncles, Nannies and Grandads, or even your friends. 


Have fun and enjoy laugh

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