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Wednesday 27th January

Dear Curie Class


Today please send your work to Mrs Petty, She will reply to your messages.


Thank you;-)


Mrs Gorin

MATHS: Comparing area

This is our last lesson on area today and we will compare the area of different 2D rectilinear shapes. Listen carefully to the teaching video and the strategies shown to speed up the process of finding differences rather than counting each square individually. REMEMBER only do the challenge task if you feel confident. We have been very impressed with your work on area so far and good luck with today's work.

Teeth hygiene

Billy Blue Hair - Why Do I Have To Go To The Dentist?

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly - For Kids

PE with Mr E


Hello Year 4, I hope you are all staying safe and active. Please find below another video to help improve your basketball shooting skills. The game is called basketball golf and please get permission from your adult before you play inside.


There is also a nature bingo to take part in.


Have fun.


Mr Edwards

Basketball Golf

Try this fun activity that is a mixture of basketball and golf. Please get permission from your adult before you play inside.

Universal Rights PSHE