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Good morning Year 5!  You did really well with with your work on past tense last week.  This week we are going to look at the present perfect tense.  I have given you a couple of useful videos and a PowerPoint to hopefully explain the differences between the 'perfect tense', focusing on present perfect and also a review on the past tense and the progressive tense as many found the progressive challenging last week.  The PowerPoint then introduces the types of questions for your tasks.  Then choose one of the sheets to complete based on how confident you feel.  Take your time, re-read your answers and remember with the perfect tense to look for 'has' and 'have' before the verb!


Armstrong class - Remember to email Mrs Mason today.

Thank you so much for the amazing, special and thoughtful video you all put together - it was truly the most wonderful gift and made me very emotional.  I miss you all.  Mrs Mason smiley

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