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This week (had we been in school) we were planning to play a range of different games/practical activities to revise some of the topics we covered this year. We have tried to keep to this plan as much as possible.


Tuesday 20/07/21

Pairs game. We had planned to play a shape pairs game with the children in small groups this week. 

I have found some pairs games online (in a rage of styles) that could be played on a computer or tablet. Alternatively if you have any pairs cards at home you could use them or a normal pack of cards (start with just two suits and numbers up to 5).     

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Wednesday 21/07/21

Measuring liquids. This is the perfect lesson if you are lucky enough to have a paddling pool. We would like you measure out full, empty, half full, nearly empty and nearly full in different containers. 


Thursday 22/07/21

Copying and creating patterns. We had planned to have the children copy different patterns using interlocking cubes and lolly pop sticks. Instead can you make a pattern using the objects you have at home. You may want to use Lego, pencils, toys or some natural objects like leaves and sticks. If you do have any Lego can you copy the added cards and turn them into a pattern. 


Friday 23/07/21

Measuring time and distance.

First challenge - how many times can you complete an activity in 1 minute. Examples of activities could be star jumps, running to the end of the garden and back, how many times can you count to ten, how many times can you touch your toes. 

Second challenge - measure the size of different rooms to find the biggest. Can you walk from one side of a room to the other counting how many feet long it is? Does it change if you change the size of your steps?


As always we are very happy to see photo's of the children doing their work.