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Friday 29th January



Hudgell Class


As always, thank you to all of you for sending in work each day, it is lovely to communicate in this way and to be able to see your progress whilst home learning.  This week I have picked 3 children for their consistent hard work throughout this lock down period: Annabel, Ivy C and Nancy.  Each day they have completed every task and presented their work neatly, taking pride in the presentation which makes their work a joy to mark. Keep up the hard work everyone and stay safe.  Miss Smalley yessmiley


Curie Class


Dear children, once again thank you for your hard work!


This week I would like to choose Olivia and Gracie, Louis for the Christian value of Wisdom and Perseverance. Mrs Constant has chosen Philip ;-)

These children have been working extremely hard every single day, impressing me and other teachers with their consistency, perseverance and positive attitude towards school. Your dedication is truly appreciated.

Keep up the good work;-)heart

Mrs Gorin

MATHS: What is a fraction?

Today, you will continue to learn what is meant by a unit fraction (only one part of the whole) and a non unit fraction (several parts of the whole). Remember the parts are called the numerator and the amount of equal parts that make the whole is called the denominator! Take particular note during the video when Mr Flack shows a selection of shapes and asks which show 1/4 and why (2.30 mins into the video). The question is trying to trick you into thinking they are all showing 1/4 but they are NOT because the parts of the whole that are divided up must be equal (the same size) to make the shaded part a fraction showing 1/4! THEY CAN'T TRICK US, RIGHT GUYS!!! BEFORE STARTING YOUR WORK SHEET, PLEASE WATCH THE MATH ANTIC VIDEO - IT WILL REALLY HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT A FRACTION IS! Remember to try to work independently to answer all that you can yourself and, as always, if you are really struggling with something do let your teacher know and we will be able to help. Good luck and enjoy today's work!

Math Antics - Fractions Are Parts

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Informal letter


You are going to continue to add movements to your journey through the human digestive system. 

After the stomach, food travels to, and is broken down in, the intestines and liver and pancreas-this is the last stage before excretion. 

Begin by practising your movement sequence from the previous weeks and then think about what movements you could include to represent the next stage?

Remember to show enzymes breaking down the good nutrients in the food, killing bad bacteria and nutrients being absorbed into the blood stream, What powerful action verbs can you think of to represent this happening.  Write some down and then put three new movements together to show this process.  Remember that you must be aware of the amount of space that you have to move in and that you need to ensure that you are moving sensibly so that you do not do yourself an injury (you might want to ask your adult to supervise this activity if you are uncertain).  Remember to record your sequence so far by writing it down or as a video.

Operation Ouch - Digestion | Biology for Kids

Carefully look at when the camera reaches Chris's small and large intestines and the movements you see inside his intestines as it show enzymes breaking down the good nutrients in the food, killing bad bacteria and nutrients being absorbed into the blood stream.