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Thursday 23rd April

Happy St George's Day!

Maths 23rd April

Today we are going to be looking at adding two 4-digit numbers with an exchange.  If you feel confident in how to do this already, please go straight to the second PDF file to see some examples of the work you will be doing today. If you feel you could do with a little reminder, please have a look at the first file, which gives you a step-by-step guide.

 Remember to explain your answers clearly and as fully as possible.


Thursday 23rd April

WALT: I can check what I have read, and that I have understood it, by telling someone else what has happened. (4RC8)

Today is a special day in the calendar. ST George’s Day.

You need to read the related text, and look at the PowerPoint (now as a PDF document). You are then going to answer the related questions. This can be completed on a word document or on paper and a photograph emailed to your teacher.

You only need to complete one of the three differentiated tasks. Do the one that you would usually do in class or have been set as homework (previously).