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Tuesday 31st March



Today we are going to be looking at written methods of multiplication.  There are two videos to watch.  The first video reminds you how to multiply a multi-digit number by a single digit (short multiplication) and the second video shows you how to multiply a multi-digit number by another multi-digit number (long multiplication).  The first work sheet has short multiplication questions and sheet 2 has long multiplication questions.  I have put the questions into a table so you should be able to open these sheets in Word and type the answers into each cell of the table.  However, if you prefer you can complete on paper and email us a photo!  I've also included a multiplication square you can download and use if you're not too confident with your tables!


English task


Good morning everyone!


First of all,  a massive thank you to those of you who completed their home study on time. Excellent effort!


Today, you will do some reading related with William Shakespeare. There are three different options of difficultly. Please feel free to choose any sheet you are comfortable with. Remember though, it is very good to challenge ourselves;-)


Parents please note that I am preparing home study tasks from my own home and have limited IT facilities. Today's work is taken from a PDF file and I have prepared a Word document for the answers. Thank you for your understanding.


If you have any questions please ask, I will be here everyday, happy to help just email me.


Stay safe!