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23rd March 2020

Welcome. It's Monday, 23rd March 2020.


Hello Bishop Ridley School. It's Mr Keep here, today. May the Lord be with you.


Today we are going to be thinking about starting your learning at home, rather than in school. 


We'll start with a song, click below for My Lighthouse (you know the words, so I've linked to the video)


Our Bible verse for today is:


“Above all, love each other!” which comes from I Peter 4:8.


Our thought for the day

Can you remember the story of Joseph (and his colourful coat)? It is in the Bible in Genesis 37. It is a story which you might remember. You can watch it here if you have a couple of minutes spare (


Joseph was his dad's favourite and this ended up making him unpopular with his brothers. During his time with his family, it wasn't always peaceful. He and his brothers did not see eye-to-eye. They even went so far as to sell him as a slave so that he was taken away to another country.


During the next few weeks, you are going to be around your family much more than normal. You are also going to be trying to do some school work at home - which may feel strange to start with. You may even find yourself getting frustrated or cross with your family.


Sometimes is might be easy, and sometimes it might be hard:

Sometimes you will get along really well, and sometimes you may not.

Sometimes you’ll need to work, and other times you’ll get to play.

Sometimes you will get to do the things you want, and other times you might have to do what others want to do. Remember to use the ‘S’ word: ‘Sorry!’ and in the words of Peter, who was one of Jesus’ best friends: “Above all, love each other.”


This is the time to remember the Christian value of compassion. Your family may be having to adapt to being at home themselves and they might not be used to teaching you. 


A prayer for today


Dear God,


Help us to look after each other and show compassion. 

If we get annoyed with people in our house, help us to think about the situation from other people’s point of view.

When we feel sad that we can’t see our friends, give us your peace in our heart.

We pray for your love and wisdom for our country’s leaders. Help them to make the right decisions which will keep us all safe..


In Jesus’ name,