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Friday 22nd January

Armstrong Class:  Please send your completed work to Mr Edwards today

Pupils of the Week


Armstrong Class:  Again, another very difficult decision as I'm continuing to be impressed with the quality of the learning taking place.  You and your families have all been working so hard - well done.  However, I do need to choose one person and this week I'm going to choose Adrian as my Pupil of the Week.  Every day he sends in work of a very high quality and I can see he is enjoying his learning and taking great pride in his work - well done Adrian! 


Ennis-Hill Class:  Apologies for being late, Ennis-Hill Class, my computer didn't save my message!

Anyway, as Mr Martindale said, it has been difficult. The work you have produced has continued to impress me, thank you and well done! My Pupil of the Week this week is Emma. Not only is her work of the high quality I have come to expect from her in class, she takes time to read the feedback given and use this to improve her work, but also her daily emails brighten my day with her tales of what else she has been getting up to!