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Thursday 4th February

Important information

Shepherd Class

Mrs Torrance is in school today. Please send your work to Mr Edwards for comment.

Thank you.

Dress to Express Yourself 

Today, you are invited to dress in a way to express yourself - parents you are welcome to join in too! If you are able, please take a photo of yourself and send to as they will be collated and shared on the Year 3 page, so you can see your friends and teachers expressing themselves!

Express Yourself Activity

This afternoon, why not try a creative activity to express yourself? Drawing, painting, craft, collage, modelling...the choice is yours. If you like, you could try an online drawing tutorial. There are many of these if you have permission to search for one, but I thought this one looked quite fun. Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy that sense of achievement that you will get when you complete an activity. laugh

How To Draw A Puppy Present Folding Surprise