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Aut3.10.1 - Make equal groups - sharing

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the river by Valerie Bloom

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Listen to this chapter over 2 days because it's quite long. Maybe, you could fall a sleep to it. angel

Chapter 6 - The Wind in the Willows, Read Aloud

Mr Toad, from Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows

Topic, Flow - Geography

Good afternoon. laugh Today, you will be learning how to use an Atlas - do you have one at home? If not, I have uploaded some world maps that should help you find the rivers we are looking for today. 


firstly, watch the video on Atlas Skills - it's always a good idea to remind yourself how to use resources available to you. 


After that, I would like you to study the maps and see where the rivers are. Look at the 'Rivers of the World' Poster and see if you can learn some facts about rivers around the world, for example, which is the longest river? Where is that river located? Is it a major river? If so, why? 


I have uploaded a River Game to play - it is a video so you will have to pause it once the question has been asked. Good Luck! 


When you think you are ready to complete the task for today's lesson; chose which level you will be working on today - print out (or work on it electronically) and start labelling the rivers on the map. 

Geography Explorer: Rivers - Interesting and Learning Game for Children

Learn the names and interesting facts about rivers. Lesson includes practical exercises. Kids Educ SUBSCRIBE TO US

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