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Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21st May


Hi Hi 

Welcome to Thursday Bishop Ridleylaugh


How are you doing? Still being kind to everyone around you? Helping around the house and giving complements?


Todays mental health awareness challenge task is SHARING!!!!!!


I hope you are all well and keeping busy with things that makes you happy. Today I thought we could try stone painting. (Amazon sell acrilic pens that is about £9 or just use felt tips ) If you don't have a stone you could just use some card or cut an oval from a cereal box and paint on it. You can use the stones to make up your own story for your family. Or put them outside on the sidewalk with a note for people to take them home and give them a smile:)

Have a marvellous day as you learn and play.yes


Next week I will add some baking recipes and easy ways to make a give away box for the neighbours!

Have a marvellous weekend families.


Bishop Ridley cares for you allheart



Stone painting ideas