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Friday 23rd October

Today, the children will be reinforcing their Maths skills by performing the operation of addition. This will consolidate previous learning from earlier in the week. 

They will be continuing to practice reading real and non-real words in preparation for the phonics screening test later in their Year One career, as well as reading/writing the tricky words and common exception words that they have learnt to date.

Some of this will be done through simple reading comprehension activities or spelling and grammar activities, whilst we will also be playing games together on the interactive whiteboard to reinforce these! 

Finally, the children will be taught about the marvellous fundraising during lockdown from the ‘baked potato’ song and how it helped to raise funds for the NHS staff to access supplies of food whilst working long and tiresome hours during the peak of the Corona virus pandemic.  They will design their own ‘baked potatoes’ in celebration of this.