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Spelling Test and English

Spelling Test

Please grab yourself some paper and something to write's spelling test time! These are all adverbs this week. Can you use any in your writing task today?

Spellings 5.2.21

We are going to read the rest of Chapter 2 of Stig of the Dump today. We started it on Wednesday and hopefully you should have finished up to page 37 when Barney went back to his grandmother's house for lunch. Please follow the rest of the chapter using the teaching video, pausing it where needed if you would like to read it for yourself. Then, we'd like you to write a conversation between Barney and Stig about their new inventions, including what you have learnt this week about direct speech. I have included the text as a pdf if you would prefer to read it from that. Hope that you enjoy the rest of adventure in this chapter!

Friday 5th February - Conversation Using Direct Speech