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Wednesday 22nd April


There is one video to watch (you might recognise the presenter) and then two sheets to choose from: one with slightly easier questions (developing) and the other sheet has more challenging questions (expected and greater depth).

Hello everyone


Thank you for completing yesterday’s homework. Your hard work and dedication are really appreciated! You are doing really well.

Today your task is to listen to the first chapter of a fantasy story about a dragon - The Wyrmstooth Crown. Yes! A dragon!!! You will love it! Make sure you listen carefully to every part of this story because you will need it to do your future tasks.


Your first task today, related with The Wyrmstooth Crown, is to design your own dragon which would be able to camouflage itself during every season. To help you complete this activity I attach a YouTube video with an example how to draw a dragon, you can use your own imagination or use a different video. It I up to you. Remember that your dragon needs to be able to ‘disappear’ during four seasons so it has to look different each time.

When you finish I would like you to describe your dragon using specific vocabulary related with fantasy world. You can you the work bank I sent yesterday or the list of words  I attach today.


For those of you who would like to do something extra, go to the last activity, related with reading comprehension.

There are three options of difficulty, choose one, answer the questions and your score will appear at the end.

We will use a website called Twinkl for this work. Please sign in by entering this code: AG5716


Good luck.

Design your own dragon

Word bank - dragon