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Fri 12 Feb


Curie Class:

We've made it Year 4 and you have been absolutely amazing! What fabulous work you are all producing, I am super impressed and well done to you all!  It has been extremely difficult to choose my pupils of the term, but I have now picked three for this term's award: Lewis, Angeliyah and Ryan for the Christian value of Wisdom and Perseverance

Well done for your consistency, hard work and excellent attitude towards school. You have been amazing! Keep up the good work!heartyes

Hudgell Class

We have 2 pupils of the term in Hudgell Class: an in-school pupil and a home-learning pupil.  In school, staff covering Year 4 have been very impressed with all of the Year 4 children going in each day, well done (Mrs Gorin, Mrs Petty and I miss you allheart).  Mrs Lee particularly mentioned Coco for the Christian Values of endurance, kindness and compassion, saying "She has been consistently hard working and taking part in discussions and being very helpful and caring towards classmates and staff". Well done Coco, wink

My home learning Pupil of the Term is Brielle for the Christian Value of perseverance: she has been making excellent progress  evidenced by the maths and writing that she has been sending in each day and her perfect score in last week's maths assessment. Well done Brielle and keep it up. wink


Have a great day of learning, good luck with your assessments and have a wonderful half term break.  KEEP SAFE heart

Sport pupils of the term go to: Max K, Olivia E and Ben E and Max G. All of you have participated in all of the sports activities set including the challenges for the school. I would like to say a special mention to Olivia E for all of the hard work you have put into the challenges and the PE activities that have been set, well done. Mr Edwards.

Happy Chinese New Year today and Happy Vietnamese New Year for yesterday. If you would like to do some extra activities to celebrate please follow the link:


Today we are going to complete our second assessment so that your teacher can see how your knowledge of finding

area is coming along (you have been finding area by counting squares, each number of squares is shown with a small 2 raised above it (eg 12 ) the small  2   simply shows that the area is shown in square units and you don't need to worry about adding this yourself because it is already incorporated into the assessment questions and answers.  


Please copy and paste the link to into your browser and enter the log in details that were emailed to you from your teacher last week (please note that the test will not go live until 12 February, so you will be unable to complete it early, but it will stay open so that it is accessible throughout the weekend).  Your assessment should come up automatically (but if you encounter problems, please contact your teacher via email).  Good luck, we know you can do it! laugh


Remember to log in to Rockstars too, play as usual and any points you score between 9am and 3pm will be added up for a Year 3 v Year 4 battle - GOOD LUCK TEAM 4 winklaugh

Persuasive text final version

Editing Your Writing For Kids - Video for Elementary Students

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Throughout this term, some of you have been creating a sequence to show the movements that happen throughout the process of human digestion as food enters into the mouth and is excreted from the anus.  You have found 3 movements for each stage of the journey and, today, we reach the final part and would like you to choose appropriate movements to represent the movement of food waste through excretion (the food leaves your body as poo)!  We would like you to watch the video showing a camera going through the digestive system of one of the Van Tulleken brothers one more time and then look at the video specifically about poo!  After that, we would like you to put your whole sequence together and, if you want, record your sequence and send it in to your teacher!  Remember to be sensible! You have been practising your movements for most of the digestive system already and today, you are just completing the sequence.


After you have finished, we have added a video from Operation Ouch, where Chris and Xand tell us all about our wee!  If you're interested, take a look but remember DON'T TRY THE EXPERIMENTS THE VAN TULLEKEN TWINS SHOW US AT HOME (THEY ARE BOTH QUALIFIED DOCTORS)! cool


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Music with Mr Lea

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Ukulele Lesson 4