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Monday 6th July



The Mystery of the Stolen Sausages!


It was the Summer Fete and Dog Show in Little Piewich in Lancashire. The fete was a hive of activity and happiness until right in the middle of the agility display, there was a scream from Dave Singe in the barbecue area...someone had stolen all of the sausages!


You will take on the role of super sleuth to solve this mystery! 


The first clue you found was the end of a string of sausages leading to the dogs' holding area. From this, it is clear that the sausages were stolen by one of the dogs...but which one?


Solve the clues attached below to eliminate all but one of the suspects, based on their colour, breed, gender, height and tale length. As you solve each clue, cross out any dog who could not possibly have stolen the sausages (a bit like the game Guess Who?).


E-mail us with the name of your canine culprit and we'll tell you if you're correct.


Good luck!



Today we would like you to use your excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge to solve a series of clues in order to escape the room.  Work your way through each of the clues, in the correct order, until you have an answer. Then, record the digits in the table, as you crack the clues. If you need a reminder of any of the areas that we have covered this year, please click here.


Once you think that you have discovered the ten-digit code for the keypad, check it and then email it to us and find out if you can escape.


Good luck!