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Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning! We hope that you are well. Mrs Coles has prepared an important assembly for everybody to watch today. Please go onto the Collective Worship page, within the Class Pages page, and click on Tuesday 2nd February to view at any time. 

A note to Shepherd class for 2nd February:

laughPlease send all emails to Mrs Lee today. Your teacher is in school and is not able to answer any emails. Thank you.

Express Yourself Activity

Why don't you have a go at making or decorating some biscuits, fairy cakes or gingerbread people today? You can use any recipe that you like, or use pre-bought biscuits, gingerbread people or cakes to decorate. You can 'Express Yourself' with your baking or decorating! Here is a recipe for biscuits if you would like to use it.


Don't forget to check back on Monday's page for other ideas to enjoy at any time during this special week.