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Have a go at these challenges as you collect your batteries!

Year 3 had an amazing day at Flatford Mill!

Covering our previous topic, Heroes and Villains, Year 3 travelled to Dedham in Suffolk to where the dalmatians had been kidnapped!  We traced their journey across the fields and spotted many Suffolk pink houses, that we had learnt about before half term!  We found many churches that the dogs may have sheltered in and Hell Hall, the farm where the puppies were kept!  While at Flatford, we explored the River Stour, in readiness for our current topic, Flow.  We looked for a variety of invertebrates in the water and found all sorts of interesting species!  We also completed an orienteering course, using a compass to find our way along the footpaths of 'Constable Country'.  Speaking of which, we were all able to stand in the place where Constable painted 'The Hay Wain'!  We can't wait to continue learning more!

So many Flatford visitors commented on how well the children behaved and how immersed they were in their tasks... what brilliant ambassadors for our school!  Well done Year 3!

"Today was an extremely exciting day because I was going on a school trip Flatford Mill. First I got out of my snuggly bed. Immediately I went down to have a delicious breakfast.  Then I walked to school and when we got there I saw all of my friends. We were talking about the busy day ahead. It was going to be an amazingly fun day.

On the bus it was quite boring until we saw some Suffolk pink houses me and Charlie played how many Suffolk pink houses we could see in total me and Charlie saw about 21 Suffolk pink houses.  When we arrived I was stunned by the beautiful view. Are first activity was orienteering we did it really speedily. one of the groups got lost. The orienteering was so fun. I liked doing the compass job the most because I already knew how to use one.                                                                                                                          

After we had lunch I wasn’t even hungry I was just eager to do the next activity but I ate a bit of my lunch. After I ate my lunch we were of again.  Eventually we went pond dipping it was massive I caught 8 these are the bugs I caught x2 snails 1 worm and x5 water boatman. It was really adventurous.  Unfortunately, we had to leave after the pond dipping I had the best school trip ever I think.  On the way back to school I saw around 13 Suffolk pink houses.

When I got home I told all my family what a wonderful day I had. Then I had a shower ate dinner watched a movie and went to bed."

Jack, Dahl Class


"It was Thursday morning, firstly my little sister woke me up at 6:30. I thought I was dreaming but I soon realised it was time to get up. I got dressed into trousers and school uniform on my top half.  I tiredly went down stairs. Meanwhile my sister was washing her hands. Once I got down stairs, I did some exercises to wake me up. Eventually I washed my hands. Immediately I sprang to tuck into my delicious breakfast. After I got into car.  I was traveling to school for 20 minutes then I arrived with my wellies, water bottle and trainers. After a while, I got into the hall, I said bye-bye to my parents. Eventually we went into our classroom at 8:15, Miss Smalley took the register. Meanwhile, we were putting our Hi-Vi jackets on.

After we did that, we got into our groups I was in Mrs Torrance’s group. After a while we got into the coach, I was on the bottom layer, it was a double decker bus. On the way we saw some beautiful Suffolk pink houses. We travelled for an hour and a half.  Immediately we got out of the bus and walked down a footpath to the Museum. As soon as we got there, we all went to the toilet. We looked in the Museum as well! When we came out of the Museum, our class went into a private classroom to do an activity. The Museum was about John Constable’s painting.

The activity that we did was orienteering, it was the best part. We had to answer question and follow instructions. On the way we found a wonderful view of Dedham, we could see the church. We have hat to this in the fields, we also saw a white owl.  After this, I had lunch, I had an apple, a chocolate square, cheese sandwiches and a packet of crisps. I ate my lunch on a picnic blanket. We loved our lunch.  Once we had our lunch, we went pond dipping. My group caught a fish but I caught a water bug and a funny, little water caterpillar. We used a net, a tray, a cake tray, a pot, a spoon and an identify sheet.

Immediately after pond dipping we all went to the toilet again but we didn’t look in the museum, we did this at 2:00. We got into a double decker bus, this time, I was on the top layer. On the bus we bashed some trees which was really fun. It took 2 hours."

Jack, Luther King Class

Our topic for this half term is...

Take a trip to the city!  Why not photograph interesting buildings and make a scrapbook?  You could also research urban artists and add your favourite images to your scrapbook.  Alternatively, you could visit a churchyard to go gargoyle spotting!  Take photographs and try to recreate them at home using modelling materials.

Practise your times tables here!

This week's spellings!


Please learn the 50 speed spell words for after Easter!

Wednesdays: Dahl Class visit the Library

Thursdays: Luther King Class visit the Library,

Spellings and Tables test

Homework set and due

Outdoor PE

Fridays: Indoor PE

Wednesday 24th April: Back to School!


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