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Have a go at these challenges as you collect your batteries!

Year 3 have learnt about Plastic Pollution!

Pollution is when chemicals, gases, smoke or other harmful materials are introduced to, and damage, the environment.  It can be caused by many different things such as the burning of fossil fuels.  In recent times, there has been growing concern about the damage that plastic is doing to the environment.  The main problem with plastic is that it takes an extremely long time to decompose.  A plastic bottle can last for up to 500 years.  That means that a bottle dropped in the ocean or put in a landfill site today could still be there in the year 2519!


Plastic has toxins in it that are harmful to wildlife.  Sea creatures can get stuck in plastic bags or the rings that hold drinks cans together.  This can cause suffocation, starvation (because they can’t get to food), or means that they cannot escape predators.  Sea turtles sometimes confuse plastic bags with jellyfish and eat them.  This damages their insides and they can die.  Around 70% of dead sea turtles are found to have eaten plastic.


We had a go at re-using and recycling household waste, such as plastic bottles, boxes and food cartons to make some underwater creatures, both real and some more imagined!  We hope our display will remind everyone the be more thoughtful about plastic pollution in the future.

Our topic for this half term is...

Earthquakes and volcanoes are fascinating forces of nature. Why not research famous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and plot the locations on a map? You could also hunt for rocks in your garden and sort them into groups by their appearance. Alternatively, you could build small structures from recycled materials and test them to see if they could withstand an earthquake!

Practise your times tables here!

This week's spellings!


Please learn for a test: Thursday 27th June

Words French in origin.

Words with the sh sounds spelt ch.

Words ending with the g sound spelt –gue. Words ending with the k sound spelt –que.














Year 3 Speed Spell Words







Wednesdays: Dahl Class visit the Library

Thursdays: Luther King Class visit the Library,

Spellings and Tables test

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Outdoor PE

Fridays: Indoor PE

Friday 5th July: School Fayre

Thursday 11th July: Sports Day

Friday 19th July: Bishop Ridley's Got Talent!

Tuesday 23rd July: Last day of term... have a wonderful summer break!


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