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Year 3

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3H Showing Assembly

3H Showing Assembly 1

Year Three Curriculum


Outlined below is the curriculum your child is following this year.  We hope that it will be of use to you when discussing school with your child and looking for ways in which you can support them at home.


Autumn Term



We are following The Revised Framework for Literacy covering a range of genres including fiction, poetry, plays, information books on topics of interest, reports, thesauri and dictionaries.



We are following The Revised Framework for Numeracy covering place value, ordering, estimating, money, measures, shape and space, understanding the signs + - x - =, fractions and handling data. We will also practise and develop oral and mental skills daily.



  • Forces and Magnets
  • Rocks



UK - mapwork, locational, human and physical characteristics.



Prehistory: Stone Age, Bronze Age – late Neolithic hunter-gatherers.



Games skills – rounders and basketball


Singing together. Learning Autumn and Harvest songs, then Christmas songs. Music appreciation and exploring rhythm and descriptive sounds.
We will be using the new Charanga scheme.



Stories in the Old Testament. Link between Judaism and Christianity. Christmas.



We will be looking at relationships in art and seasonal activities.


Design Technology

Design and make moving monsters.



Blogs and Search Engines.
The children will be using word processing packages across the curriculum.



We shall be learning greetings, colours and numbers as well as classroom instructions.

Spring Term



We will be studying a variety of story genres including Myths and Legends. We will also be looking at instructional writing and a variety of poetry.



As part of the Numeracy strategy the children will have daily mental arithmetic, practising tables, counting in multiples of 10, dealing with large numbers, ordering and rounding, reading from scales, understanding positive and negative numbers, money, telling the time, kilograms and grams, areas of rectangles, solid shapes, direction/compass points, fractions and simple decimals and data handling.



Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture. Second half-term: achievements of early civilizations: overview and introduction to Ancient Egypt.



The art curriculum will be partly linked to other subject areas. The children will be using a variety of media, practising skills such as sketching and painting and studying different artists and architects, focusing on pattern and shape.



The children will continue their programme of singing, adding simple accompaniments and listening to a variety of music. We will look at some songs written by Benjamin Britten.



The children will be working on a range of indoor and outdoor P.E. activities including gymnastics, dance, apparatus work, team games and skill work, including hockey and netball.



Images of Jesus throughout his life. Easter Stories including Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and cleansing the temple.



Programming 2: Coding unit 3a Espresso Multimedia Unit: developing text and graphics.



Animals including Humans - focusing on diet, bones (including teeth), comparing different skeletons and how muscles help us move.
Plants – looking at parts of a plant and flower and their uses, and what plants need to grow well.



Human and physical characteristics of the UK
Water cycles
Regional case study – Wales.



We will be learning about pneumatic systems and the children will be making their own moving character using them.



We will be using the programme Language Angels, focusing on animals and Little Red Riding Hood.

Summer Term


Summer Term topic letters will be published at the beginning of the Summer Term.