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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Year Two Curriculum


Outlined below is the curriculum your child is following this year.  We hope that it will be of use to you when discussing school with your child and looking for ways in which you can support child at home.


Autumn Term


We are covering word level work, sentence level work and text level work within the range of fiction, poetry, plays, and information books on topics of interest, reports, thesauri and dictionaries. Throughout the year we will concentrate on handwriting, spellings, reading and comprehension, grammar and punctuation.



We are covering place value, ordering, estimating, money, measures, shape and space, understanding the signs + - x - =, fractions and handling data. We will also practise and develop oral and mental skills daily and problem solving.



- Animals including humans
- Changing and sorting materials.



- Learning about the British Isles, such as landmarks etc.



- The Great Fire of London. 1st half term



- Games skills
- Dance



Singing together. Learning Autumn and Harvest songs, then Christmas songs. Music appreciation and exploring rhythm and descriptive sounds.



The Creation - we shall be exploring who created the world and looking closely at Genesis Chp 1.



We will be looking at the topic ‘Picture This’ including photograps, illustrations and collage.



The children will be designing and making a moving vehicle.



The children will be introduced to the concept of ‘coding’. They will also develop skills in online safety and word processing.

Spring Term


The National Literacy Strategy.
This will include reading a range of books including stories, poetry, plays, following instructions and factual information.
There will be a strong emphasis on phonic knowledge (i.e. the sounds made by letters and letter clusters) as well as other strategies, which can be used to decode unknown words.
The children will be taught to recognise full stops and capital letters when reading and they will be encouraged to use them correctly in their written work. When appropriate the children will be taught to use other punctuation e.g. exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks etc.
The children will have formal handwriting lessons when they are taught correct letter formation and orientation (i.e. which letters sit on the line, tall letters etc). When appropriate the children will be taught to join their writing.
The children are given opportunities to carry out a range of writing e.g. stories, poems, lists, labels, facts connected with the topics.
Speaking and listening is a very important part of the English curriculum.




The National Numeracy Strategy.
This includes mental skills which are practised every day as well as a range of mathematical knowledge including numeracy, time, money, measurement and handling data.
Year 2 pupils will also be taught the 2x, 5x, 10x tables and the corresponding division facts.


1. Forces and movement.
2. Plants and animals in the local environment.



Looking at special people in particular Jesus. Lent and Easter.


Information Technology:

Developing multi-media skills (combining text and graphics).
Developing ‘coding skills’.



Games - ball skills. Gym – Travelling on different levels, jumping, turning and landing.
Dance – musical interpretation.
Children will need a pair of tracksuit bottoms for the outside PE lesson.



1. Introduction to language of music through playing a glockenspiel.
2. Exploring approach to music through rock music.



Mother Nature designer – drawing/collage with natural objects.



Exploring and learning about the seasons and the climate.



Design and make a puppet.



Florence Nightingale.



These are some places you might like to visit with your child to complement their school work:
The Science Museum
The National Portrait Gallery .
The Museum of London.

Summer Term

We are busy exploring our new topic based curriculum 'Cornerstones' this term. Year 2 are  busily learning about mini-beasts through a topic known as 'Wiggle & Crawl'. Please come back soon to see what we have been up to.