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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Oh dear. the printer has broken. As a result we cannot send home homework or spellings. We have managed to upload the spellings to our class page. 


            Please learn for Friday 23rd November


their                                  crosswise                          missile

there                                 crossbow                           mission

they’re                              crossfire                            blizzard

miss                                  crossword                           missionary

crossing                            crossroad                           missing


                             *extension words

           abscess, casserole, dissolved, passionate, glossary


                       Common exception words

                            move, Mr, Mrs, old, only

Here are our spellings for the Autumn term. 

Wk 1: Test on Friday 14th Sep                                               

Wk 7: Test on Friday 2nd Nov (Common exception words)

Wk 2: Test on Friday 21st Sep

Wk 8: Test on Friday 9th Nov (Remembrance theme)
Wk 3: Test on Friday 28th Sep Wk 9: Test on Friday 16th Nov 'ar' words
Wk 4: Test on Friday 5th Oct Wk 10: Test on Friday 23rd Nov 'ss / zz' words
Wk 5: Test on Friday 12th Oct Wk 11: Test on Friday 30th Nov 'ou' words
Wk 6: Test on Friday 19th Oct Wk 12: Test on Friday 7th Dec 'wh' words

Please come back soon for updates...

Please try and read your school reading book as often as you can.

PE is on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Number bonds will be checked on a Wednesday.

Homework is due in on Wednesday.

Spelling test on Friday.

Library is on Friday.