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Welcome to Nursery

Our topics this term are:

’Do you want to be friends?’

’Why are leaves crispy?’

Our artwork

Our artwork 1 Self portraits
Our artwork 2 Do you want to be friends?

The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm, safe environment where they feel comfortable to explore. And it's through exploring that a child will learn.

In my Nursery, I aim to provide your child with a firm foundation for learning and various opportunities, to include play based activities, that will enable them to learn about the world in which they live.  They will also begin to develop the skills that they will need later in their school careers in order to access the variety of lessons/tasks that will be taught to them in the future. 

I am excited for the year ahead, we have already had lots of fun in the first couple of weeks and the children are building firm friendships and strong relationships with both the adults in the setting and their peers. Looking forward to seeing your children grow and mature throughout the year and making memories of their time in Nursery at Bishop Ridley  

Mrs Maria Kenway

Recent activities

Recent activities  1 Reading enjoyment
Recent activities  2 ‘Making faces’ craft
Recent activities  3 Dressing the Barbies
Recent activities  4 Child initiated - roleplay of ‘snack time’
Recent activities  5 Fine motor skills - making peg patterns
Recent activities  6 Washing our new plant pots for the Nursery garden