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Week 4- Friday 18th March 2022

Project: A poster of my favourite country


This week’s homework is related with our Equality & Diversity Week. You will have two weeks to complete your project which is to design a poster. 


During the last week of this half term you will be asked to present your poster to the rest of your classmates.


For your poster:


1) Please choose your favourite country.

2) Find some pictures or images about that country in magazines or on the Internet.

3) Add a legend for each of them (a caption explaining what they are and why they are special for your country).

4) Write a paragraph expressing your choice.


Things you might talk about:

·         national flag

·         capital city, main cities or historical places

·         traditional food, clothes

·         some popular figures


You can type the text using Word or write it down using a pen/pencil and make a poster (title, decorations, colours, images...)


Have fun and don’t forget to be neat. Your posters will be displayed around the school.