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w/b 4th May

Monday 4th May


Welcome to English for Week 3!


This week, our English and topic work will focus on Ancient Mayan Civilisation. Today, we would like you to learn some key spellings that you will come across throughout the week. It is highly likely that you will end up using some of these words in your own work and it is important that they are spelt correctly. The words are highlighted in the Term 5 Spelling List attached below.


Please choose 10 of the highlighted words that you find most difficult to spell and complete the pyramid spelling activity below to help you learn them. Each word should be built up bit by bit which will help you to visualise them and learn them more efficiently. Perhaps you could ask someone at home to test you on your chosen 10 words afterwards to see whether your pyramids have helped. Feel free to colour in or decorate your pyramids- you may want to cut them out and put them on display at home to refer to throughout the week.


Happy spelling!

Tuesday 5th May


Today we would like you to find out more about the ancient Mayan civilisation. Begin by watching the following two videos to introduce yourselves to the Maya.

Then, we would like you to choose one aspect of Mayan Civilisation to research in more detail and present your findings in an informative poster. For example, this could be a poster about: Mayan beliefs, Mayan food or Mayan crafts etc.


Remember to include as much detail as possible about your chosen topic through text and pictures. Think about the subheadings that you could use for each section and whether you can include an interesting ‘Did you know?’ fact.


The links below contain lots of information about the Maya which you may want to have a look at.

Wednesday 6th May


Happy Wednesday everybody!


Well done to those of you who have completed your Mayan spelling work and poster so far this week. We have really enjoyed reading what you have managed to find out!


To help prepare you for our upcoming work on Mayan myths and legends, today we would like you to read the Mayan legend ‘The Hero Twins’ and answer the questions attached below. Remember to scan the text for key words to support you when searching for answers and use evidence from the text to support your personal responses. There are 14 marks up for grabs in total. 


Good luck!

Thursday 7th May


Next week, you are going to be writing your own Mayan myth (don't panic this will be spread across several days so you will have plenty of time to do it). To prepare for this, we would like you to have a think about the features of myths and legends and begin to plan out your own. Begin by reading this information poster to familiarise yourselves with the difference between myths and legends and what you might expect to find in each. 

Attached below is a table containing the common features of myths and legends with examples from two Mayan legends (The Hero Twins which you read yesterday) and The Uxmal Dwarf. You will notice that the last three boxes for The Uxmal Dwarf are empty. These are for you to fill in once you have read the text which is attached below. We have also attached The Hero Twins again for anyone that wants to take another look.


Once you have done this, it is time to think about a Mayan myth/ legend of your own. Please complete the last column of the table, thinking about your own work and this can then be used as a plan to support your writing next week. Feel free to 'magpie' ideas form myths/legends that you have read before but remember to ensure that your work is appropriate for Mayan times. Think about the names of your characters, setting, the nature of the challenges that you set. You may want to refer to your posters from earlier on the in the week!