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w/b 20th April

Dias de los Muertos Animation

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Wednesday 22nd April

To follow on from our learning about Dias de los Muertos yesterday, today we would like you to deepen your understanding of Mexican celebrations by finding out about a different Mexican festival of your choice. You may wish to choose one of the following:

  • Las Posadas
  • Fiesta de Santa Cecilia
  • Dia de la Independencia


There are some resources below to help you.


We would like you to present your work as a fact file. There is a template for you to use in the resources section below or you are welcome to make your own. Think carefully about your use of subheadings, pictures and punctuation! You may want to include information about the following:

- When and where the festival is celebrated

- Why the festival is celebrated

- What people wear to celebrate

- What people eat and drink at the festival

- Entertainment at the festival

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Thursday 23rd April

Today, you are being given the power to create a brand new Mexican festival of your very own!


We would like you to design your own Mexican festival, thinking about Mexican tradition and culture. You may want to base your festival on one that you have already learnt about this week or come up with an entirely new one- the choice is yours!


Think carefully about things that you have access to at home when designing your festival as tomorrow's English task involves you creating your Mexican festival for your family to enjoy celebrating with you. 


Please read through the pdf document below which explains the task in more detail.

Friday 24th April

Today we would like you to imagine that you are in Mexico (this glorious weather should help a little!) and have a go at creating the festival that you have designed for your families to enjoy. We understand that it may be difficult for you to create all aspects of your party in the current climate, but it would be great if you could treat yourselves (and your families) to a little bit of Mexico to celebrate the end of the week.


Below are some videos and links to traditional music to get you in the Mexican spirit. We would love to see any photos that you manage to take of what you get up to!



Mexican Parties

Mexican Parties 1
Mexican Parties 2
Mexican Parties 3
Mexican Parties 4
Mexican Parties 5
Mexican Parties 6
Mexican Parties 7
Mexican Parties 8