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w/b 11th May

Monday 11th May


This week, you are going to plan and write our own Mayan myth based on our work from last week.

To help you ensure that your myth has a clear beginning, middle and end, today we would like you to create a comic strip of your myth. Think carefully about what the 6 key stages of your myth will be.


For example,

Stage 1- Set the scene and introduce your main characters.

Stage 2- Build up/ explain the challenges

Stage 3- Challenge 1

Stage 4- Challenge 2

Stage 5- Challenge 3

Stage 6- Resolution


There is a blank template below for you to use along with an example to show you what to include in each box. Remember that your comic strip is to help you map out your myth from start to finish so you will need to make sure that you include enough detail in each box. Think carefully about the ambitious vocabulary and varied sentence openers that you could use in each paragraph to move your myth on. There are also two word banks attached below to support you with your vocabulary choices.

Tuesday 12th May


Hello everyone!


Thank you so much to those of you who sent us your Mayan myth comic strips yesterday- we were really impressed with your attention to detail and how you'd thought about each stage of your myth carefully in order to make it flow. We can't wait to read your final versions!


Today is our first official writing day and we would like you to write the beginning of your myth. As most of you have roughly 6 stages to your myth in total, you should aim to write stages 1 and 2 in full today. This should included setting your scene, introducing your main characters and explaining why they face challenges. 


Remind yourselves of the descriptive writing techniques that you should use when opening a story by reading through the 'Setting the Scene' slides below. There's also a selection of Mayan pictures to remind you of what you might see during this time period along with the word banks containing ambitious descriptive vocabulary. Well done to anyone who manages to use at least 2 of these words in their writing!


Good luck!

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Wednesday 13th May


A huge well done to everyone who sent in the beginning of their myth yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed reading what you have put together so far and were impressed with the detailed descriptions of your settings and main characters.


Today's task is to move your story on and write your middle section. This will be stages 3 and 4 from your comic strip created on Monday. Think carefully about how you will entertain your reader today. The middle of your myth is where all of the action takes place- you want to keep your reader hooked!


You will need to consider:

- sentence lengths. Think about how to use longer complex sentences when things are calm and short snappy sentences to build tension and suspense.

- incorporate some dialogue to help advance the action and show how your characters are feeling. *See the resources below for a reminder on how to set out dialogue*

- use cohesive sentence openers to create links and show the order of events

- take your time so that you include enough detail for your reader.


Please add the middle section of your myth underneath your beginning from yesterday so that we can enjoy your myths from the beginning when you email them to us. There are some resources below which you are welcome to use to support you. 


Happy writing!

Thursday 14th May


Well done to everyone who has kept up to speed with writing their Mayan myth so far this week. However, don't panic if you have fallen behind as today you will have an opportunity to catch up. We have really enjoyed reading your work so far and have been impressed with the standard of your writing. So many of you have used adventurous vocabulary, varied sentence structures and ambitious punctuation to help tell your stories so far.


Today, you are going to finish your Mayan myths and write the final two stages so that your work is complete. Remember, the ending of your myth needs to resolve the problem and explain the impact this had on people's lives moving forward. For example, your final sentence may start with: 'From that day on,'    or 'For centuries to come,'


Things to consider:

- Look back at your comic strip to ensure that you have included all relevant details so far before starting your final paragraphs.

- Avoid introducing new information at this stage so that your myth does not become too complex.

- Consider what the main character might say after completing (or perhaps losing) the final challenge. Who will they say it to? How will they say it? Will they mutter it themselves?

- Try to use longer, more complex sentences towards the end to show that the tone of your writing has changed and that the dramatic challenges are over.


Please see the resources below for a reminder of the writing expectations for Year 6 as well as resources from earlier in the week.


Happy writing!

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Friday 15th May


Well done for all of your hard work this week. The effort that you have put in has put huge smiles on our faces and has resulted in you writing some truly fantastic myths.


Today is your day for editing and improving your work. Please go back to the very beginning and read what you have written.


Make sure that you check the following:

  • Punctuation- particularly your use of capital letters, full stops and speech punctuation.
  • Spelling of National Curriculum spellings
  • Sentence openers. Are they cohesive? Do they help to link your sentences?
  • Your use of verb tenses and whether these are consistent


Remember to look back at the resources from earlier in the week to help you.


Once you are happy with your work, we would like you to illustrate it with pictures. Feel free to create these electronically or by hand.


Happy Friday!