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Thursday 21st May



We have been really impressed with the mathematical thinking we have seen this week so far! Yesterday, some of you even used algebra to express your working out, which was fantastic.


Hopefully you've noticed that the challenges are getting slightly more tricky as the week has progressed... so today, we bring you:


Challenge: Cryptarithms!


cryptarithm is a mathematical puzzle where the digits in a sum have been replaced by letters.

In each of the puzzles below, each letter stands for a different digit. 

Bearing in mind that none of the numbers below have 0 as a leading digit, can you find a solution to all of these cryptharithms?

Warning: this task may frustrate you, but don't give up! As it may take some of you a little while, you can have today and tomorrow to finish it!


Update: Just to be clear, the letters have different values in each question.


Good luck!



Well done for your fantastic poetry work so far this week. We’ve been really impressed with your use of poetic devices and the vivid images that you have built for your reader. Today, we would like you to think about how to present your poems. We have completed presentations like this before for our English Speaking Board in class which hopefully some of you will remember.


To begin with, we would like you to add to your poem from yesterday. This could be an extra stanza or a poetic device that you haven’t used yet, for example, alliteration, personification, a metaphor. Then, when you are happy with you work, write it up as a final draft. Think carefully about how to punctuate each line and whether you should be using a comma for a short pause, a full stop to mark the end of a sentence or a question or exclamation mark for impact.


It is up to you how you present your poem. You could write it up neatly on a large piece of card or paper and draw/paint/collage your own pictures. Alternatively, you may want to use presentation software (such as PowerPoint), adding sound effects and transitions. The choice is yours!


Below, is a free verse poem about space for you to use as an example.