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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at Bishop Ridley


We have broad experience of successfully working with children with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


 Our Inclusion Coordinator is Mrs Davies. Mrs Davies works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week.


If you have any concerns regarding your child or would like more information about how we can support your child's needs, please speak to your child's class teacher and they will be able to arrange an internal referral.


Local Offer


The Bexley Local Offer provides information about the services available to children, young people and their families across Education, Health and Social Care. The Bexley Local Offer is published as part of the SEND reforms under the Children and Families Act 2014 and will be developed over time. 


Details can be found at:


SEN Report and Policies

Attached below is the school's SEN policy and reports.

A guide to making conversations with schools count for all families


This leaflet, funded by the Department for Education and developed by families, is intended to help build a mutually
respectful partnership between families and the school, college or other education settings. On occasion, relationships
between families and schools are not as successful as they need to be. By building trust this can change and a new way of working together can be developed.


Please review the suggested questions and also our school summary of ways in which we work with families of children with SEND.



Special Educational Needs Report