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School Uniform

All children are expected to look smart at all times and to wear our school uniform:


Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan

Grey or black trousers/skirt

White polo shirt
White or dark socks/tights (not black socks for girls)
Black shoes (no high heels, boots above the ankle or trainers)

White and pink check dresses (Summer)

Closed toe sandals (Summer)

Plain hairbands (no fascinators)

Optional burgundy and gold tie

No sculpted hairstyles

No nail varnish or make-up

No transfer tattoos


For PE and games children wear:

White t-shirt
Burgundy (or another plain colour) shorts
Black elasticated plimsolls

(trainers may be worn only for outdoor PE)

The PE kit should be kept in a different bag from the one in which books are carried. Plastic carrier bags are not allowed. Children also need an art apron - an old adult-sized shirt will do.

The school uniform is available from the Friends of Bishop Ridley School via the school office.



No jewellery should be worn. If a child wears earrings then they must be studs. The child must be able to take these out or cover with own plasters for PE, games and swimming lessons. Staff are not allowed to remove or cover studs with plasters. Similarly, the wearing of long beads and braids in the hair is not permitted during PE lessons. This follows the Borough’s Health and Safety Guidelines.


Personal Belongings

We provide all the necessary stationery equipment such as pencils, pens and rulers. Older children often bring their own writing implements in a pencil case. No other personal belongings (eg. toys) should be brought to school unless specifically requested by the teacher.


Updated September 2017