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School Council Overview


The School Council consists of two children from each class from year 1 upwards. These children have been voted by their peers and stand office for the school year that they are elected in.


Meetings are held  during assembly or playtime. The children learn how meetings are conducted following an agenda, keeping minutes, discussions. The children are able to bring anything to the meetings for discussion. They are learning that things do not get done by themselves, that there has to be an input from volunteers. The council reps have to report back to their classes on any decisions made.


Much of our work is organising events to raise money for charities.  The children are encouraged to plan and organise these events as well as running them and clearing away after each event.


The council reps also look after the playground trolleys, keeping them tidy and ensuring the equipment is looked after. They collect and count the Sainsbury’s vouchers that are used to stock the trolley and help in the decision of how to spend them.


School Council Report - January 2019


This School Council representatives have been working very hard this year on many projects involving the whole school community.

The school year started with choosing two representatives from each year group. Following our British values all teachers were reminded to use the democratic system in order to choose each representative in a fair manner, on the top of that each class has been represented by a boy and a girl.


Children meet up with the School Council on a regular basis, discussing not only their ideas, but also their class mates’ which can be found in a ‘BLUE BOX’ called PUPIL VOICE. The representatives choose their favourite one and try to introduce them, if possible, into the school life.


One of the first ideas which was very quickly accepted by all staff members was a non-uniform day on the children’s birthday week. Children are asked to contribute a pound which goes towards improvements in the orchard area.


This year, the School Council has organised two non-uniform days which were related with charity events. The first one was connected with World Mental Health Foundation. The children wore blue and green, two colours strongly associated with the organisation. Mr Edwards worked along with the School Council on this project which enabled the School Council to link their work with PE. The second one was connected with one of our previous pupils, who sadly passed away, we called it a Purple Day. All the donated money was sent towards four charity organisation chosen by the pupil herself.


Another project was related with an Anti-Bullying Week which encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. Teachers lessons were strongly linked with English (writing poetry), Art (creating a peace dove) and PSHE (drama, stories).


Operation Shoe Box, another very successful project organised by the School Council, was related with preparing a box full of goodies (also possible online) which later on was sent to one of less fortunate countries. Each year a different country is chosen by Samaritan’s Purse Organisation. The School Council strongly believes that involving parents in any project benefits not only the school purposes but also building a strong relationship between school and families. It is a wonderful thought to know that both parties work towards the same goal. The boxes were dropped off by the School Council in one of the designated places.

The School Council Representatives have also an opportunity to meet up with a lady from Harrison Catering. The meeting was related with asking children about their lunches – what they like, dislike and what they would like to change to make their school dinners delicious every day. There will be a follow up meeting which time, will be connected with tasting some dishes.

Last but not least, was a projects related with playground markings. Children had a meeting with Mr Keep were some ideas were presented, the School Council reps’ task was to shortlist their favourite ones and present them to their class mates in order to choose the final ones which will be painted on both, KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.


Anna Gorin

School Council


Updated 24.1.19

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