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Good afternoon Year 4, we hope you are having a good day. smiley


Yesterday, we gave you a folded piece of card so that you can design a Christmas card that will include a message inside that is taken from a Christmas Carol inspired from John's Gospel.


Once you have chosen your message, we would like you to design the front of the card to show the incarnation of Christ (when God came to Earth and became flesh by being born to Mary as the baby Jesus).  


When you have created your card, you can give it to somebody special.  Enjoy!


Choose a message below for inside your card:


In the dark streets shineth

An everlasting light.                                                 (O' Little Town of Bethlehem)


Son of God

Love's pure delight.                                                 (Silent Night)


He came down to Earth from Heaven

Who is God and Lord of All!                                   (Once in Royal David's City)


Mary cradling the babe she bore

Prince of Glory was His name!                              (Calypso Carol)