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Mon 23 Nov



Monday 23rd November 2020


Good morning year4's.


We hope you had a fabulous weekendcheeky Have you heard any Christmas songs yet? This fits in well with our Science lesson about SOUND!


Today we will continue our learning about sound and how the size and force onto an instrument influence the vibrations and ultimately how loud or soft the sound will be. 


Open and read through the 'What is sound?' power point attached.

Once you have read through the PowerPoint you are going to have a go at finding patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produced it.


If you are in school your teacher will provide you with a musical instrument such as a glockenspiel.

If you are at home you may use an instrument of your choice. (although alternatively if you can not find an instrument of some sort then have a go at tapping your hand on various objects to create different sounds.)


The aim of this investigation is to see how the size of an instrument or object affects the pitch of the sound produced. For example you may find the bigger the instrument the lower the pitch or visa versa.

Once you have investigated making different sounds you must record your findings, Those of you completing this lesson in school will have a walt to stick in your books which contains a results chart. Those of you completing this lesson at home may either make notes or a table and bring them with you when you return to school. Furthermore, if you would prefer to email us your results then that is fine to do also :) 


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask Miss Constant or Mrs Lee.                   


Enjoy the rest of your day. Be kind, compassionate and stay safe.laugh


Miss Constant 

Mrs Lee