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Lunch Menus

Children can either have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch. A drink of water is offered to all children, although the children may bring in their own drink in a suitable container. The midday supervisors encourage the children to eat their lunch; if there is a problem with your child not eating properly then we will inform you.


School meals must be paid for every Monday morning. Children may only change from packed lunch to school meals on a weekly basis and must inform the office on a Friday before the following week. . If your child is late and requires a school meal then the office must be informed by 10am. Infant children (Reception to year 2) are entitled to free meals.  Year 3 and above will need to be paid for (this can be done through formally known as SIMS Pay).  From September 2021, the cost of a school meal will be £2.45.  Payment must be made in advance.  The school operates a No Debt policy.


School meals at Bishop Ridley are provided by Harrison Catering.


Please click below for details of our current lunch menu.


Mid-morning break

Infant children are able to bring in a water bottle (preferably with a sports lid to limit spillage). Water is also available from the drinking fountains around the school. Infant children are provided with a piece of fruit at mid-morning break (as part of a Government-funded scheme). Junior children are also encouraged to bring in fruit to eat at morning break time.


Water bottles

All children are allowed to bring in a water bottle (the sports type, which will not spill) which they keep near their classroom and which are refilled when necessary. They have access to these during school, to prevent dehydration and to aid concentration.