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Dear Parents and Pupils of Year 5, 


Thank you very much for your generous gifts at Christmas, it was extremely thoughtful of you and we are extremely grateful. We hope you all had a wonderful break and managed to spend some quality time with family and friends.


Miss Sears &  Miss Cook


This week you have a Christmas themed challenge! You have brought home a copy of the Triangular Dominoes sheet (there is a copy above if you have misplaced your one!) You need to cut out and arrange the triangles on the Christmas tree template by matching the questions to their answers.  All triangles need to be used and no triangle should overlap! Adults, the answers are attached to the above document if your child needs some hints.


This is a challenge, so it will be tricky! Try your best and remember the place value grid method for working out the calculations when multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000.  Good luck!


No spellings are being set this week. Please use the next week and the time over the Christmas holidays to continue learning your 50 Speed Spell words - you will be tested on these in January. The list of words can be found further down the page if you have misplaced yours.

Dear parents and pupils of Year 5,


I have a confession! Last week, the spellings that were uploaded to the website were the wrong ones! Those of you who brought home the homophones sheet had the correct spellings, but the ones on the website did not match. Please continue to learn the homophone spellings (below) to be tested next Friday. 


I apologise once again.

Miss Sears

Friday 22nd October


We are not setting any formal homework over half term. However, please use this as an opportunity to continue learning the 50 Speed Spell words for Year 5 and your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars!


Have a lovely break!

Miss Sears, Miss Cook & Mrs Wade

Friday 8th October


This week instead of our normal homework, you have the opportunity to become a published poet! Young Writers are running a competition around the theme 'This Is Me'. Please see the video below for more details, along with the entry form, some example poems and some videos to inspire you. Good luck!

This Is Me Poetry Competition for 7-11 Year-Olds

This week we are asking the children to start to learn the Year 5 Speed Spell list.  Every half term, we will test the children on these 50 words.  Please just learn some of the words this week (maybe 10-20, or however many they feel confident in learning).  The idea is that the children will know these words by the end of Year 5 so there is plenty of time.  We hope to see an improvement each half term.