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Read the text and then answer the questions. Remember to answer in full sentences in your book.

What other facts can you find out about Wimbledon?

Your child should have brought home a copy of their maths homework this week. We have uploaded the original document above in case it is misplaced or you need another.

Friday 17th June

This week's homework is to help prepare you for next week's English lessons when we write diary entries.  For your homework this week, we would like you to keep a diary of your weekend. For each day (you only need to do Saturday and Sunday, unless you want to keep going until it is due in on Wednesday!) write a brief summary of what has happened that day.  

Try to answer these key questions:






Remember to include the key features of diary entries that we have been looking at:
-date                                               -writer's point of view, thoughts and feelings

-past tense                                     - include opinions and facts

-first person pronouns                  -ambitious vocabulary to describe people/places

-informal style                                 -time conjunctions to link events

-paragraphs to organise ideas      -inverted commas for direct speech

While we are not setting homework over the half term, we would like to ask that you support your child in learning the 50 Speed Spell words for Year 5.  We have been really pleased with the progress the children have made with their spellings this year and we will undertake our final Speed Spell test on Friday 10th June.  This would also be a great opportunity to continue with Times Tables Rock Stars, particularly the division facts.


Have a lovely half term.


The Year 5 Team

Your homework this week is to continue with your artwork for the Jubilee celebrations. Thank you to those of you who have already brought your work in. The details are below if you haven't started yet!


Please make sure your work is handed to your teacher by Wednesday 24th May.



Please find details below of an extra activity you may wish to complete.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Poster Competition


How does it work?

We would like you to design a poster that promotes Commonwealth Games and encourages you and your friends to be physically active. 



On your poster you should include:

  • The name of your school and have the words ‘B2022 CWG’s inspiring young people to be active’ on it. 
  • The poster can be done on paper or card and should be no bigger than A3.
  • The competition is open to KS2 individual pupils.
  • The entries must be in school by Friday 13th May. Once all entries are in, a winner from the school will be selected and sent off to be judged against other entries in the borough, so please make sure your name is on there!

There are two short reading activities for homework this week. These are in part to allow your child to practise the skill of retrieval when reading, but also to help them practice writing succinct answers in activities like this where a full sentence may not be needed. This will allow you, as parents, to see the types of questions that we ask the children in reading lessons and during assessments.

Friday 1st April

Thank you for the wonderful posters that you created about a country of your choice - they looked amazing and it was clear a lot of work had gone into them, well done!


There will be no homework over the Easter holidays, however we do ask that you continue to learn the 50 Speed Spell words (above) ready to be tested on the first Friday back. You are making real progress in learning these words and are beginning to apply them more often at the appropriate times in your own writing.


We hope you have a lovely and peaceful break.

The Year 5 Team x



Friday 25th March

Please continue with your posters about your chosen country.  You will be presenting your work to your class on Wednesday 30th March, so please bring them in that day.


We look forward to seeing what you have done!

How to draw a pirate ship / Galleon

If you would like to start/continue your drawing of a Spanish Galleon ship, here is the link to help you. This isn't actual homework, but just in case you wanted something extra to help with your artistic skills!

Friday 18th March


Ongoing Project: A poster of my favourite country

Part of last week's homework was to begin researching your favourite country in preparation for work we will be doing during Equality & Diversity Week at the end of term.  This week's task is to design and make your poster ready to bring in to present to the rest of the class during Equality & Diversity Week.


A reminder of what to do:

1. Choose your favourite country (not the country your class voted to research during that week!)

2. Find some pictures/images about that country from magazines, newspapers or the internet.

3. Add a legend for each picture (a caption to explain what the picture shows and why it is important/special for your chosen country)

4. Write a paragraph talking about the choice you have made. This might be because it is somewhere you have visited before, somewhere you would like to go in the future or somewhere your family has links to.


Things to consider and include:

-national flag

-capital city, other main cities, historical sites/places

-traditional food, clothes, festivals/celebrations


-popular or well known people


You can be as creative as you like, but remember to be neat as the posters will be displayed around school for everyone to see!  Feel free to use your Computing skills to overlay images and text or use pen/pencil to enhance your work - the choice is yours!


You will have until the last week of term to create your piece of work - please keep hold of it at home until we ask you to bring it in.


We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Friday 11th March

This week's homework is slightly different! We are not sending home books or setting a worksheet activity to complete, however you still have something to do! Please make sure you read to the bottom of this week's section as there is some information about next week's homework for you to consider!


You should have brought home your personal log in details for the website Once you have logged in, you should see that we have set you a fractions 'SATs buster' test. Don't panic! The questions on there are written in the style of SATs questions and these tests will be a good way for you to understand the style and wording of questions you will come across next year.


The test will be 'live' until next Friday (18th March) so you have plenty of time to complete it at a time which works for you. You don't need to hand anything in or tell us you have completed it, we will be able to see when we have logged in.  All we ask is that you try your best! This will also help us to work out any areas we might need to go back over, so please don't worry if you get anything wrong.


Good luck!



In preparation for Equality and Diversity Week during the last week of term, this week we are asking you to begin collecting information about a country of your choice (think about the fields we were using to group information in Computing this week - population, language etc) You can choose any country you like, but please do not choose the country your class has voted to learn about during Equality & Diversity Week! Find out as much information as you can about the country you have chosen (you could use this as an opportunity to tell us about the country your family is from) and think about how you would share this.


Next week's homework will be to use all of the information you have collected in order create a poster to present to your class during the last week of term.


We are looking forward to hearing and seeing what you find out!




Friday 25th February

Friday 11th February

We will not be setting formal homework for half term. However, we would ask that the children continue to learn the words from the Speed Spell list above as we will do a progress check at the end of the first week back - the last check provided some very pleasing results, well done!


Please also continue to log in and learn multiplication and division facts on TTRS (or any other way you wish to learn them!) as we will be carrying on with our work on fractions after half term - knowledge of these facts is hugely beneficial.


Have a lovely half term!
Miss Sears &  Miss Cook 

Dear Parents and Pupils of Year 5, 


Thank you very much for your generous gifts at Christmas, it was extremely thoughtful of you and we are extremely grateful. We hope you all had a wonderful break and managed to spend some quality time with family and friends.


Miss Sears &  Miss Cook


This week you have a Christmas themed challenge! You have brought home a copy of the Triangular Dominoes sheet (there is a copy above if you have misplaced your one!) You need to cut out and arrange the triangles on the Christmas tree template by matching the questions to their answers.  All triangles need to be used and no triangle should overlap! Adults, the answers are attached to the above document if your child needs some hints.


This is a challenge, so it will be tricky! Try your best and remember the place value grid method for working out the calculations when multiplying or dividing by 10, 100 or 1000.  Good luck!


No spellings are being set this week. Please use the next week and the time over the Christmas holidays to continue learning your 50 Speed Spell words - you will be tested on these in January. The list of words can be found further down the page if you have misplaced yours.

Dear parents and pupils of Year 5,


I have a confession! Last week, the spellings that were uploaded to the website were the wrong ones! Those of you who brought home the homophones sheet had the correct spellings, but the ones on the website did not match. Please continue to learn the homophone spellings (below) to be tested next Friday. 


I apologise once again.

Miss Sears

Friday 22nd October


We are not setting any formal homework over half term. However, please use this as an opportunity to continue learning the 50 Speed Spell words for Year 5 and your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars!


Have a lovely break!

Miss Sears, Miss Cook & Mrs Wade

Friday 8th October


This week instead of our normal homework, you have the opportunity to become a published poet! Young Writers are running a competition around the theme 'This Is Me'. Please see the video below for more details, along with the entry form, some example poems and some videos to inspire you. Good luck!

This Is Me Poetry Competition for 7-11 Year-Olds

This week we are asking the children to start to learn the Year 5 Speed Spell list.  Every half term, we will test the children on these 50 words.  Please just learn some of the words this week (maybe 10-20, or however many they feel confident in learning).  The idea is that the children will know these words by the end of Year 5 so there is plenty of time.  We hope to see an improvement each half term.