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Pupils of the Week!


As with last week, we continue to be extremely proud of you all during this tricky time. Well done for maintaining such a positive attitude towards our second week of home learning and for working so hard. We can't wait to see you all on Monday! This week, our Pupils of the Week are...


From Pankhurst Class, Miss Facey would like to nominate Tyler for the Christian Values of service and endurance. Tyler has shown an immense amount of determination this week and has persevered with his home learning, even when he has found things difficult. He has worked hard to complete tasks to the best of his ability every day and has really impressed me with both the quality and quantity of his work. I always look forward to opening his emails to see what he has produced! Thank you for your wonderful work!


In Hawking Class, Mr Catchpole would like to nominate Fraser this week, for the Christian Value of endurance. Mrs Donegan has said that whenever she has spoken to Fraser this week, he has been incredibly motivated and has been determined to show his best effort at all times. We have been really impressed with how hard he has worked this week and he should be really proud of his achievements. Well done, Fraser! :D



Happy Friday everybody!


For today's English, you have three short tasks to complete. You will find them attached below.


Task 1- Spelling anagrams


Task 2- Look, cover, write check


Task 3- Mini SPAG Paper


Find somewhere quiet to work and give yourself 10 minutes to complete the mini SPAG test. The answers are at the end of the paper so feel free to mark them (no cheating) and then email us your score to let us know how you got on.!






For maths today, we would like you to complete the arithmetic paper below, which is out of 40 marks. You should time yourself doing this and make sure you work independently, timing yourself for 30 minutes (just like in school!). The answers are on the final page, so feel free to mark your work yourself (no cheating!) and let us know how you get on!


Also, as a special treat for working so hard during our self-isolation, we have set up a very special Battle of the Bands on Times Tables Rock Stars. Today, you will work together as a year group and you will be trying to beat Mr Catchpole, Miss Facey, Mr Martindale, Miss Sears and any other teacher who wants to join in! Are you up for the challenge? Think you can beat us teachers? The battle is running from 9am to 3pm today and any game you play will count towards your overall score.


Good luck and may the teachers...I mean...the best team win!





For PSHE today, make sure you read through the PowerPoint or PDF before attempting the sheet. We have added text boxes onto the Decision Making Tree, so if you have access to Microsoft Word, you're more than welcome to type directly onto it. If it's easier, you can draw your own version of the tree onto a plain piece of paper.