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Friday 22nd May



It's the last day of term and you join us at a very exciting time.


The Times Table Rockstars scores are as follows:


Hawking - 2

Pankhurst - 2


Who will be the champions at the end of term 5? 


The Battle will run from 9am until 4pm... may the best class win!


P.S. If you haven't finished your maths from yesterday, don't forget to send it over.



To end our week on poetry, we have two fun poetry activities for you to choose from today. If you fancy a challenge, feel free to complete them both!


Activity 1

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week and theme is kindness, we would like you to write an acrostic poem using kindness as your theme. You may want to think about acts of kindness that you could do for others as well as things that you could do to be kind to yourselves. Please feel free to use the templates containing the word kindness and synonyms for kindness below. 


Activity 2

To develop your understanding of poetry terms, complete the wordsearch attached below. Once you have found all of the words, see if you can find out what any words that you haven't heard of before mean. You will come across these terms at secondary school so this will be a great head start!