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Living with Coronavirus


As the country moves to a position where COVID-19 is considered a part of normal life, we continue to stay alert for signs of an outbreak of the virus (in line with Public Health advice).


Throughout this time, we will:


  • Ensure that children and adults who test positive observe the minimum time periods before returning to school and work with families to ensure that children are well enough to attend school.
  • Continue to ensure that common touch points are cleaned twice per day.
  • Continue to ensure that a good standard of ventilation and cleaning regimes are applied across the school.
  • Track attendance and ensure that parents are contacted with a reason for any absence from school
  • To submit anonymised twice-weekly reports to Bexley showing numbers of confirmed cases.


If an outbreak of COVID-19 is detected, our plan it to put a considered response into place which may include the following:


  • To enhance the expectations of ventilation and handwashing.
  • To enhance levels of cleaning in certain areas of the school.
  • To separate year groups on the playground.
  • To stagger lunch and playtimes.
  • To hold collective worship in classrooms rather than together in the hall.
  • To adjust lunchtime arrangements to limit contact in the school hall
  • To seek advice from Public Health teams in Bexley


Stuart Keep

June 2022

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