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Children's Views

Recently we asked you to complete a survey about behaviour and safety in our school:

We asked you if you feel safe in school. Here are some of the things you said........

"Grown ups help you." Reception

"The teachers take care of us and look after us." Year 3

"I feel safe in school because it has my friends and it has adults I trust." Year 4

"I feel very safe in school because we have adults that keep me safe." Year 5

"I do feel safe in school because it is like a second home and its safe because the office staff won't let someone in if they don't have a reason." Year 6  

We asked you how you would improve the rules in school. You said.....

"Get biscuits." Reception

"Tell the parents and call the police." Year 1

"Put naughty children in a room." Year 2

"Try your best." Year 3

"Have hidden cameras." Year 4

"Longer playtimes." Year 5

"Instead of missing play children should help teachers in the classroom." Year 6

We asked you how teachers expect you to behave. You said....

"Kind, lovely and beautiful." Nursery

"Be good." Reception

"Sensibly, quietly and nicely." Year 1

"Be gentle, thoughtful, friendly and forgiving." Year 2

"Sensibly and quietly." Year 3

"Respectfully, sensibly." Year 4

"Be hardworking, polite, kind and sensible." Year 5

"Be good, listen, quiet, sensible, helpful and polite." Year 6

We asked you about the rewards for good behaviour. You suggested...

Stickers, Headteacher awards, pupil of the week, traffic lights, certificates, rosettes from the dinner ladies, going on the happy face, badges, trophies and colouring in a letter.

We asked you what bullying is and what you would do if you were bullied. You said ...

"When people do the same thing over and over again." "Tell a teacher." Year 3

"Bullying is being mean to someone lots of times."  "Tell a teacher." Year 4

"I've been bullied before and I told a teacher straight away and it was all better." Year 5

"Bullying is on purpose and happens several times."  "Head teacher or adult." Year 6


We also put a questionnaire on Fronter. 74 of you responded:

88% of you agreed that it is easy to learn in your classroom.

99% of you agreed that you have the things that you need to do your work.

92% of you agreed that you usually understand what the teacher is asking you to do and the important things that you have to learn .

96% of you agreed that you can usually do the things that your teacher asks you to do.

90% of you ageed that teachers help children to try new things and that you are not worried if you get things wrong.

85% of you agreed that people will notice when you behave well.

95% of you agreed that you know what will happen if you are not well behaved.