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School Council

The School Council consists of two children from each class from year 1 upwards. These children have been voted by their peers and stand office for the school year that they are elected in.


Meetings are held  during assembly or playtime. The children learn how meetings are conducted following an agenda, keeping minutes, discussions. The children are able to bring anything to the meetings for discussion. They are learning that things do not get done by themselves, that there has to be an input from volunteers. The council reps have to report back to their classes on any decisions made.


Much of our work is organising events to raise money for charities.  The children are encouraged to plan and organise these events as well as running them and clearing away after each event.


The council reps also look after the playground trolleys, keeping them tidy and ensuring the equipment is looked after. They collect and count the Sainsbury’s vouchers that are used to stock the trolley and help in the decision of how to spend them.


Updated 22.9.17

E Taylor