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School closure and some snow day activities

Dear Parents & Carers


It is with regret that I must close the school again on Friday (2nd March 2018).


The recent decisions to close have not been taken lightly and I apologise for any inconvenience the closures have caused. I appreciate that for many families you will be struggling to arrange your own travel to work and child care etc.


The decision to close is due to the continuing adverse weather and the dangerous travel conditions which mean that we cannot ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the school community.


In order to keep your children’s brains active I have complied a range of activities which are both fun and educational. There is no expectation that your child will complete all of them, but I would encourage the children to bring into school any of the home learning tasks that they complete so that they can be shared with their class.


I hope that you stay safe and warm and look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Snow Day Home Learning Activities


  1. Write a winter/snow poem (KS1 could do an acrostic poem, KS2 could try to use some rich imagery)
  2. Write a recommendation about your favourite book for a friend.
  3. Write a diary of your snow days. You could include some drawings or photos.
  4. Write a script as though you are a weather forecaster on the television. Try to use some technical vocabulary about Storm Emma.
  5. Write some winter lyrics to your favourite song.
  6. Create some winter/snow similes or metaphors.



  1. Create some winter word problems and work out the answers.
  2. Use a tape measure or ruler to see who in your house has the longest/shortest scarf.
  3. Adults challenge – use a stop watch on your phone/tablet to see how many times table questions your adult can answer in 30/60 seconds (you’ll need to know the answers yourself to check!).
  4. Cook some tasty and healthy muffins and use the weighing scales to measure the ingredients. Can you give them some snowy decorations?


Art and DT

  1. Create a snowy scene using whatever interesting materials you can find around your home.
  2. Cut out a unique and beautiful snowflake.